A New Beginning • 1

17 September 2020

Today it’s official: I started to write again!

Chapter 20˚ of The day after, first scene. Action front* of Men. I start from there.

The Day After

Not to contradict myself, the first scene is unscheduled. My characters will start from a dream – or a nightmare. Symbolic, metaphorical scenes, which treat my very long absence from different points of view.

What does it mean? Well, they are contextualized dream scenes. My real life, and my perspective on life itself is what matters when it comes to my novels.

“ Everything matters, nothing shows up. ”

What do I mean by contextualized? Consistent with what the characters live. That is, the scenes will not seem out of place, just unexpected. The meaning will be nebulous for dreams are nebulous, even if the reader will be able to interpret them.

“ Never explain everything. ”

Let me add the situation’s perfect for this expedient. The action fronts are not aligned, some have a few more chapters already written as in 2006 I was in serious trouble and I tried everything to proceed.

In the end, after many years of always respecting the chronology of the chapters – why is a bit long to explain in here – I had tried to write one action front at a time, helping me by advancing two, three chapters related to the one I liked more…

It didn't help. I left it, wrote “Senzanome” during the next bizarre five years. Then I collapsed. Today’s advantage is that consequently these dream scenes will appear asynchronously in the novel.

It’s perfect, precisely because it’s not reasoned.

I don't even have to choose where to insert them in the narrative, because they chose for themselves. There will be nothing artificial. They will mark a before and after that I, the author, will see.

The readers? It does not matter. The dreams are short and, I hope, entertaining little scenes.

I have my own theory on the continuum between reality and fantasy. It's something I believe and always respect. I can't resist the temptation to put an idea on paper, if it has to do with my imaginative continuum.

The first scene’s been written, period. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll start working on an article for Medium. Let's see. I follow the wind. I’ll decide by listening carefully the inner self — those three minutes of reflection, while I drink the first latte.

Actually, I wouldn't mind writing a whole chapter and closing another one, related to the Elves, which is left out of its final scene. And only then work on my non-fiction in English.