This section is dedicated to The Hand, my fiction-pentagon born in 2018. The five pentagon projects are:

  • Utopy Trilogy .: Fantastic fiction
  • The Silences .: Fiction mixture
  • The Triad .: Fantasy fiction
  • The Summoner’s Sum .:  Mystical-philosophical metaliterature method
  • A series of endless intrigues .: The story of a parallel life


Utopy Trilogy

Starting from few lives’ details, with three substantial novels I expand the vision and the scope to be delighted by a literary vengeance. Reality pours out endless horrors on us and the peoples seem unable to react to deadly logics. Maybe it’s impotence and system’s power crushes us. Meanwhile I exhalt how wonderful we are and the wonders we possess. It’s a declared utopy, but it shows a way and encourages us to take sides anyway.

The Silences

Our species has secolar problems and it doesn’t manage to learn historical lessons. Which fruits would yield a society hinged on inviolable values, obeyed and enforced without exceptions? The saga has an initial Fantasy framework, but a wider vision is in its DNA, hence the mixture surfaces already from its second book.

The Triad

The sole project purely Fantasy, even if sprayed by horror influences, the saga considers the complexity of human being’s inner world and its inherent bonds with the outside world. It has a environmental and mystic mark, and after all it’s a philosophic depiction of the conflict between Good and Evil, though devoid of religious implications. The setting is enlivened by the inhabitants’ extreme differentiation mimicing our species for we are its natural declaration and muse. Anyway, monstrosity and magic are centrals, but the former are considered such, while the latter is prerogative of few. The mixture of logics makes this saga complementary to “The Silences”.

The Summoner’s Sum

The idea dates back to the very early years, so it was pretentious. Now, when in 2021 I will reach 30 years of writing, the time is ripe to condense my experience in an autobiographical work with a popular purpose. Its structure is open and the compositions changeable by nature. I consider it a work in the making, a 3.0 text: non only interactive, but only changing. It’ll be a journey within me.

A Series of Endless Intrigues

A scrap of frayed material cream-colored, full of indigo infinite symbols, is the sign the Wayfarer went this way. Alien and unseen witness, forced to observe, but never implicated, he’s the main character of this series of tales. He suffers for he’s empathetic, but the truth is his fellow traveller and he doesn’t let himself be misleaded. And yet, he doesn’t know the truth on himself and the secret behind his very existence.