The “Writer’s Journal”

17 September 2020

What good is a (writer's) journal when this online home of mine is basically a blog, even if it's structured in sections?

The mistake too many writers make is believing readers are interested in their efforts. Readers are interested in anything that might help or entertain them, which is what it has to do with them.

This is why I have decided to create a new section dedicated to my efforts. Do I aspire not to be read? Quite the reverse. Let me explain.

A writer makes herself understood

No matter how complex a writer's activity is, the result must be clear to the reader. Just as the complexity of a novel cannot turn into a complex reading, so a website must organize its writings in a way that doesn’t confuse those who browse it.

The "user experience" (UX), also called "usability" of a website is essential if you want your website visitors willing to come back. To make them come back, the quality of your content is not enough. They must find them again easily.

Now, my future business may be confusing. has just been restructured with a precise logic in mind: I have shifted the focus to non-fiction and made it "scalable" – that is, I can add a lot without needing to turn it upside down.

Even changing too often confuses the reader.

My writing is close to "exploding". I tell you about it in the first post of the Writer's Journal – my usual walk in the woods brought advice.

The journal was created to separate the contents talking of my business from those that, however, exist for you and speak to you directly, if you are not interested in my narrative.

My desire is to maintain the centrality of non-fiction. I don't consider my experience a side activity respect to my artistic ambitions. Far from it! It is an essential part of the writer I am in 2020.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not talking about "creative writing courses". My content is free and it will be free.’s framework

I outline the changes at


• Featured articles at the top of the Home stay where they are. As mentioned, I maintain the centrality of non-fiction content. The difference is that from two articles in the lead there will be only one. I don't want to stretch the homepage too much.

• The presentation text of the site changes to something more useful and less generic.


• The section of the “Writer's Journal” is added, even if I want it integrated and not too flashy. At the same time, the “Diary” item is added to the upper menu, which will lead to a blog-style section that will only display the contents of the Diary.

The rest remains as it is.


In the coming weeks my business will finally take the direction I have been working for the past two and a half years. I'll start writing fiction again, rather than just rereading and correcting it. And I will resume the speech left pending on Medium, with greater vigor and direction than before.

The change of gives me the opportunity to deal only with the content without confusing you and keeping the narrative experience well separated from the non-fiction experience.

When you think about your personal site, think about who will visit it. Will all readers be of the same type or does it attract different types? If they are different, think about the differences. And give everyone what they want clearly.

Any suggestions or requests you have, you already know, is at your disposal.