This section is dedicated to my non-fiction compositions on writing. In English, they are published on and collected in my Publication, The Unicorn Writer, under the tag Special Unicorn. Here you find the headlines and subtitles, with the original articles at your disposal following the “friendly link”—you won’t need to subscribe to Medium to read them.

Full Italian version can be read by clicking on the dedicated links—follow the flag.

The writing subtopics are:

  • Digressions on the art of writing
  • Craft mastery techniques and tips
  • Needful knowledge (self-publishing / marketing / social networks)
  • Personal writing experience



And we shouldn’t decide which one is better in any sense.

May 9 · 6 min read

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Quality Counts More Than Quantity

How to avoid the standardization of your craft thanks to a thoughtful selection of readings and stand out among many.

Apr 28 · 6 min read

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A Writer Writes, All the Rest Is a Side Dish

A reflection after one month of non-fiction compositions.

Apr 25 · 6 min read

· ★ ·

Why writing in English?

Initial thoughts of an Italian writer who’s kicking his ass out of the comfort zone.

Mar 25 · 4 min read

· ★ ·

A Writer Manifesto

How a novelist approaches writing.

Mar 20 · 5 min read

· ★ ·

The 6 Basics a Writer Must Follow

How to be yourself and deliver the best content to readers

Mar 12 · 8 min read

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Novelists Are Naturals

Learning a craft won’t transform you in someone else. Are you a novelist?

Feb 27 · 8 min read

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